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Metadata for National Agricultural Statistics of the Philippines

Chapter 1. National System of Agricultural Statistics

1.3 Outputs and Dissemination of Agricultural Statistics

The Philippines Statistical Authority (PSA), serves as the focal point for the dissemination of agricultural statistics. This function is largely a shared responsibility among the operating units of the PSA, both in the Central Office and the Operations Centers. Structurally, however, the mandate of disseminating statistical reports and publications rests mainly on the Knowledge Management and Communications Division (KMCD-ITDS). The contact details of this unit are as follows:

Officer-in-charge:OIC-Division Chief Simonette A. Nisperos
Telephone no.:  (02) 462-6600 local 810 / 834
Fax no.: (02) 462-6600 local 833
E-mail address:

PSA Regular Statistical Reports and Publications
Title of Publication Domains/Contents Medium Format Periodicity/ Frequency Release Calendar
Selected Statistics on Agriculture Production, Trade, Prices, Farm Economics and Other Agriculture-related data English PDF, Handbook, CD Annual May
Performance of Philippine Agriculture
  • January-December
  • January-March
  • January-June
  • January-September
Gross Output, Volume and Value, Growth Rates English PDF, Bulletin Annual 21 days after the reference year
Quarterly 45 days after the reference quarter
Rice and Corn Situation and Outlook Production, Area, Yield English Memo, Bulletin Quarterly May/Aug/Nov/Feb
Rice and Corn Stock Inventory Stocks English Memo, Bulletin Monthly 10 days after reference month
Seasonally Adjusted Rice Production and Prices Production, Prices English PDF, Bulletin Quarterly May/Aug/Nov/Feb
Crops Statistics of the Philippines (Regional) Production, Area, Yield English PDF, Book Annual August
Major Crops Statistics of the Philippines (Regional, and Provincial) Production, Area English Book Annual September
Industry Performance Reports for Carabao, Catlle, Chicken, Duck, Dairy, Goat and Swine
Inventory, Production, Trade, Prices English PDF, Bulletin

Fisheries Statistics of the Philippines Volume and Value of Production English PDF, Book Annual October
Fisheries Situation Report Fisheries Production, Prices  English PDF, Bulletin Quarterly May/Aug/Nov
Annual January
Prices and Trade          
Producer Price Index for Agriculture Price index  English PDF,Handbook Semi - Annual September
Updates on Palay, Rice and Corn Prices Prices English PDF, Memo Weekly/Monthly Every Monday
Updates on Fertilizer Prices Prices English  PDF, Memo Monthly 1 wk after ref mo.
Price Situationer of Selected Agricultural Commodities Prices English PDF, Bulletin Weekly/Monthly Every Monday
Updates on Agricultural Foreign Trade Performance Trade English PDF, Bulletin Quarterly Jan/Aprl/Jun/Oct
Agricultural Foreign Trade Development Trade English PDF, Handbook Annual September
PSA Media Service English  
Price Bulletin Prices PDF, Bulletin 3x a Week Tues/Thurs/Sat
Market Situation Prices and Indicators of market PDF, Bulletin Weekly Mid-Week
Agricultural Indicators System-National, by Module English Monograph Annual  
Agricultural Structure and Resources Land use, Livestock and Poultry Inventory July
Agricultural Credit Credit August
Output and Productivity Production, Area, Yield August
Agricultural Exports and Imports Trade October
Food Sufficiency and Security Production, Trade October
Food Consumption and Nutrition Food consumption November
Population and Labor Force Population, Labor Force, Employment in Agriculture November
Gender-based Indicators of Labor and Employment in Agriculture Population, Labor Force, Employment in Agriculture by Sex November
Redistribution of Land Agrarian Reform December
Economic Growth Macroeconomic Indicators December
Inputs Fertilizer Supply and Disposition, Wages December
Prices and Agricultural Marketing of Agricultural Commodities Price Indices, Marketable Volume of Rice and Corn December
Development Trends in Agriculture: International Comparisons Production, Macroeconomic Indicators, Trade, Land Use Biennial May
Regional Agricultural Production Accounts Gross Output in Agriculture Volume, Value of Production Monograph Annual August
Supply Utilization Accounts of Selected Agricultural Commodities, Philippines Production, Trade, Utilization English Monograph Annual November
Commodity Fact Sheet Production, Trade, Prices, Consumption English Monograph Annual November
Trends in Agricultural Wage Rates Sex- disaggregated data on Labor Inputs in Agriculture and Wage Rates English Monograph Annual November
Production Costs and Returns
Updated Production Costs and Returns  of  Selected Agricultural Commodities  Profitability Indicators English Monograph Biennial October
Palay and Corn (Part I)
Selected Commodities (Part II) 

Statistical Reports and Publications (Output of Ad-Hoc Statistical Surveys and Related Activities)
Title of Publication Domains/Contents Medium Format Year Released
Survey on Food Demand for Agricultural Commodities
Consumption of Selected Food Commodities in the Philippines (National and Regional Levels) Vol. 1 Consumption English Monograph 2011
Consumption of Selected Food Commodities in the Philippines   (Regional and Provincial Levels) Vol. 2.1-2.16
Consumption of Selected Agricultural Food Commodities   (By Socio-Economic Class of Households) Vol. 3
Integrated Farm Household Survey
Income of Farm Households in the Philippines Farm Household Income, Production, Farm and Household expenditures, Other Farm Characteristics English Monograph 1990
Farm Household Income in the Philippines 1994
Socio-Economic Characteristics of Farm Households in the Philippines, 2002-2003 (National and Regional) 2006
Some Facts and Figures on Farming Households in the Philippines, 2002-2003 2006
Land Tenure and Investments of Farm Households in the Philippines, 2002-2003 2006
Income and Expenditure of Farm Households in the Philippines, 2002-2003 2006
Costs and Returns of Palay Production by Seed Type, 2005 Cost Structure English Monograph 2006
Rural Sector Statistical Information System – Rural Profile Social and Economic Statistics on the Rural Sector English Monograph 2005
Selected Development Indicators on Philippine Agriculture 2008

Additional Notes on Information Dissemination 

Pricing policy.  Until this time, all the statistical reports and publications released by the BAS are being made available for free.

Ministerial commentary. As a matter of practice, the Secretary of the Department of Agriculture, through the Press Office, schedules a press conference to announce and present the report on the performance of agriculture. This normally happens about two (2) weeks before the report on the performance of the national economy is presented in a press conference. The press conference signals the release of the report to the general public. The report on the situation and outlook for palay and corn is also presented by the Secretary at about the same time.

Changes in methodology.  The agricultural statistical system does not go through frequent nor abrupt changes in methodology. If ever, the changes are documented and are made part of the report containing the results of the particular statistical activity that has gone through some changes in methodology.

Websites of major statistical agencies. Through the BAS website, the websites of all other statistical agencies can easily be accessed through its link module. The internet addresses of the major statistical agencies are as follows: