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Chapter 1. National System of Agricultural Statistics

1.4   Dialogue with Data Users and Cooperation with International Organizations

The conduct of dialogue with the users of agricultural statistics has already been mainstreamed in the BAS.

In the Central Office, internal and external fora are being held and during these occasions, the needs of the clients and stakeholders are deliberated on. The Users' Forum deliberations are expected to end with some resolutions regarding the supply and demand for statistics.

The BAS is also benefiting from cooperation with international organizations. The Bureau has been a beneficiary of the World Bank's Trust Fund for Statistical Capacity Building. This Grant enabled the BAS to establish the Rural Sector Statistical Information System and to pioneer a Community Level Statistical Information System.

The BAS is a partner of the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations in the promotion of quality agricultural statistics. The FAO provided a grant to the BAS for the establishment of an Agricultural Indicators System which it has since improved and maintained. Through another FAO grant, the BAS has demonstrated the feasibility of establishing a farm record-based data collection and community level processing and analysis to promote data utilization.

The Asian Development Bank (ADB) has also been a donor towards the improvement of the agricultural statistical system in the country.

The BAS represents the Philippines in the ASEAN +3 Food Security Information System (AFSIS). The AFSIS provides some financial support for the establishment of the AFSIS in the Philippines.

The BAS has been granted funds by the Government of Japan, through the 2KR Project of the National Agricultural and Fishery Council (NAFC), to undertake a three-year project on "Enhancing Farmers' Capacity to Access, Analyze and Utilize Statistical Information". This project is aimed at improving farmers' productivity, efficiency and income through the institutionalization of improved and sustainable capacities on operational and financial farm management and planning.

Recently, the Technical Cooperation Programme (TCP) of the FAO has approved the project, "Establishment of the Food Security Information System in the Philippines (PhilFSIS)". The PhilFSIS is envisaged as a web-based information system on food security that would enhance food security planning, implementation and evaluation through improved organization, analysis and dissemination of relevant data and information in the Philippines. Specifically, it will be a one-stop-shop information system with the aim of storing, retrieving, sharing and analyzing statistical data and dissemination of relevant data, reports and other information related to food security in the country at the national and sub-national levels.