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Metadata for National Agricultural Statistics of the Philippines

Chapter 1. National System of Agricultural Statistics

1.5   Strategic Framework

The BAS' plans and programs are formalized by its Strategic Plan for 2013 to 2015. The Bureau continues to pursue its main strategic directions of being a statistical organization that:

    • delivers quality products and services that satisfy its clients;
    • attracts, develops and maintains a competent workforce and
    • adopts strategic management in addressing its mandates, mission and vision.

In support of the first strategic direction, the BAS is committed to undertake the following strategic actions:

  1. Conduct of regular national surveys and other statistical activities for generating statistics on agriculture and fisheries which include but not limited to production, prices and farm economics;
  2. Pursuit of the statistical research and development agenda for the agricultural statistical system;
  3. Enhancement in the use of statistical frameworks for improving the BAS statistical products and services;
  4. Enhancement of the review process to sustain the improvement of the BAS data system;
  5. Optimum and rational adoption of ICT-based strategies;
  6. Development and maintenance of an effective and efficient information service of the BAS; and
  7. Enhancing the capacity of stakeholders in accessing and analyzing agricultural information.

To move along the second strategic direction, the BAS takes on the following strategic actions:

  1. Effective implementation of the following: Personnel Selection Plan (PSP), the Program on Awards and Incentives for Service Excellence (PRAISE), the Grievance Machinery, and Committee on Decorum and Investigation (CODI);
  2. Transforming the Bureau into a learning organization;
  3. Development and implementation of a career development program for BAS personnel;
  4. Rationalizing deployment of BAS personnel;
  5. Mainstreaming activities that enhance personnel welfare; and
  6. Enhancing the Bureau's physical working environment.

In pursuing its third strategic direction, the BAS focuses on the following strategic actions:

  1. Advocacy and monitoring of the implementation of a long term Agricultural Statistical Development Program (ASDP);
  2. Institutionalization of a formal strategic planning at the national and sub-national levels;
  3. Sustaining a review system of organizational structure, strategy and culture;
  4. Strengthening the BAS linkages with all stakeholders;
  5. Enhancement of effective governance principles and practices across all operations; and
  6. Mainstreaming of the plan for marketing and promotion of the Bureau's products and services.