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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)
Q1: What is CountrySTAT?
CountrySTAT is a web-based system that integrates national food and agricultural statistical information to ensure harmonization of national data and metadata collections for analysis and policy making.
Q2: What is the difference between FAOSTAT and CountrySTAT? How are they related?
The CountrySTAT is the country-specific version of FAOSTAT. It serves as a complementary system to FAOSTAT. The CountrySTAT outputs are designed to load easily into FAOSTAT. This process improves FAOSTAT's capacity to provide high quality statistical data at the international level. It also promotes exchanges of data within countries, between countries and between FAO and countries.
Q3: What are the features and services of CountrySTAT Philippines?
The CountrySTAT Philippines includes an interactive query system where users can generate tables dynamically based on their selections. Variables can be easily interchanged or pivoted between stub and heading to generate new table formats. Graphs can be easily generated from the resulting tables and maps similar to GIS can be implemented for data with province/region variables.
Q4: What are domains?
Domains are the highest level of data organization which provide data on a particular topic or subject. These are subject categories identified by the country and the FAO depending on the country's data requirements.
Q5: How are data organized?
The databases in the CountrySTAT Philippines are organized according to major domains identified by the Philippine Statistical System and the FAO namely: Production, Trade, Food Consumption, Prices, Agricultural Machinery, Fertilizer, Pesticides, Land Use, Labor and Employment, and Others. These domains are then organized into two major groups: CountrySTAT CORE and CountrySTAT DETAILS (or Sub-national).
Q6: What is the difference between CountrySTAT CORE and CountrySTAT DETAILS (or Sub-national)? How are they related?
The CORE data category consists of national data shared with FAOSTAT database. This category which is updated annually has been prescribed by the FAO as part of its framework for international users. Having a CORE data category will also enable the FAO to easily access and to easily load the data directly from the CountrySTAT into FAOSTAT. On the other hand, the DETAILS category provides more data, usually, these are data with sub-national relevance. It provides users with the lowest levels of disaggregation; that is, monthly and/or provincial level data. The DETAILS data category is a superset of the CORE. This means that the data in the CORE are redundant since these are included in the DETAILS data sets.
Q7: What is metadata?
Metadata is data about the data. It describes and documents the statistical data. It facilitates sharing, querying, understanding and use of the data over its lifetime. It indicates the quality of data and helps transforms data into information. Metadata is ubiquitous in the processes of producing and interpreting statistics. Thus, the CountrySTAT system requires the preparation and publication of good metadata. All the databases and statistical tables posted in the CountrySTAT Philippines are adequately backed up by metadata.
Q8: What are the terms of use of CountrySTAT Philippines?
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CountrySTAT Terms of Use
Q9: How to make queries in the CountrySTAT?
Statistical tables or databases in the CountrySTAT are provided with Query-based Interface wherein users can select the variables and generate tables on the fly. At least one value for each variable is required to execute query.
Q10: How can I send feedback or inquiries, if I need to clarify specific data or table in the CountrySTAT?
One can use the CountrySTAT Contact Us e-form to send feedback. Click the "Contact Us" link at the bottom of the page. Also, one can check out the source agency and email in the "About" link in the Query Interface if you want to send questions directly to the source agency.
Q11: How can I access data for a particular commodity?
To access data for a particular commodity, one can use the search system of the CountrySTAT. Enter the name of the commodity in the textbox and click the search icon (hand lens icon).