Philippine Statistics Authority
Total Land Area: 3,665,095 has.
Provinces: 5
Cities: 2
Municipalities: 116
Barangays: 2,490
Population (2015)
Total Population: 3,781,387
Growth Rate (2000-2015): 1.98 percent
Climate: Type III & IV
Dialect: Banguingui, Maguindanao, Maranao, Tausug, Yakan, Samal
Poverty incidence among families (%) 2015: 48.2 percent
Subsistence incidence among families (%) 2015: 17.0 percent
Geographical Background

The Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao (ARMM) is located in Southern part of the Philippines. It was created by virtue of the Republic Act No. 6734 which signed into Law by the Late President Cory C. Aquino on August 1, 1989. The plebiscite was conducted in the proposed area of ARMM on November 17, 1989. These were the provinces of Maguindanao, Lanao del Sur, Sulu and Tawi-Tawi.

The Region was strengthened and expanded through ratification of Republic Act No. 9054, amending for the purpose of Republic Act No. 6734, entitled "An Act Providing for the ARMM" as amended in September 2001. The plebiscite paved the way to the inclusion of the province of Basilan and the City of Marawi as part of ARMM.

GRDP and GVA in Agriculture, ARMM, 2016
Item At Current Prices At Constant 2000 Prices
(in million pesos)
GRDP 103,932 50,753
GVA 61,656 28,567
GRDP = Gross Regional Domestic Product
GVA = Gross Value Added in Agriculture, Hunting, Forestry and Fishing

In 2016, the region's economic performance improved by 0.3 percent. It contributed 0.6 percent to the country's Gross Domestic Product. Agriculture, Hunting, Forestry and Fishing sector which shared 56.3 percent in the region's output indicated a 3.0 percent contraction.

Production and Area, ARMM, 2016
Crop Production (metric ton) Area (hectare)
Palay 544,486 212,927
Corn 590,580 261,157

The region's production of palay at 544,486 metric tons and area at 212,927 hectares increased by 11.53 percent and 9.56 percent, respectively. Production of corn at 590,580 metric tons went down by 12.25 percent while area harvested at 261,157 hectares was 7.49 percent lower than 2015 record.

Gross Output in Agriculture: Growth Rate by Subsector, ARMM, 2016
Sector Growth Rate 2015-2016 (percent)
Agriculture (3.10)
Crops (1.19)
Livestock 0.35
Poultry (7.98)
Fisheries (8.83)

Agricultural output in ARMM declined by 3.10 percent in 2016. This was contributed by the production decreases in all subsectors except livestock. The crops subsector which shared 71.17 percent in agricultural production posted 1.19 percent reduction. The livestock subsector shared 4.25 percent and had 0.35 percent production growth.

Top Agricultural Commodities, ARMM, 2016
Commodity Production Growth Rate Share to Total Agricultural Output of the Region Rank of the Region in the National Production
---------- (in percent) ----------
Cassava (1.60) 20.35 1st
Palay 11.53 14.20 11th
Coconut (1.19) 13.98 5th
Corn (12.25) 11.57 4th
Seaweed (2.27) 6.07 1st

Cassava, palay, coconut, corn and seaweed were the top five commodities produced in the region. These commodities contributed 66.17 percent to the region's agricultural output. ARMM ranked 1st in the production of cassava and seaweed.

Employment and Wages
Total Employment (CY2016)
	= 1,140,000 persons

Agricultural Employment
	= 741,000 persons

   By Sex:
	  Male = 589,000 persons
	  Female = 153,000 persons
Daily Agricultural Wage Rate by Sex, ARMM, 2016
Sex Nominal Real
(in pesos)
Male 258.43 160.52
Female 248.88 154.58
Both 257.53 159.96
Employed persons in the agriculture sector comprised 65.0 percent of the region's total employment. Majority of the agricultural workers at 79 percent were males.
Inflation Rate by Item, ARMM, 2016
Item Inflation Rate (2006 based)
(in percent)
All Items 2.9
Food and Non-alcoholic Beverage 3.8
Rice 3.6
Corn 8.6
Meat 4.2
Fish 0.8
Fruits 12.1
Vegetables 7.8
Costs and Returns of Production
Costs and Returns of Production, ARMM, 2016
Item Palay Corn
(in pesos)
Cost of Production per Hectare 29,763 17,998
Cost of Production per Kilogram 11.64 7.96
Net Returns 14,303 8,091
Farmgate Price per Kilogram 17.23 11.54
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