Philippine Statistics Authority
Total Land Area: 1,587,258 ha.
Provinces: 4
Cities: 16
Municipalities: 116
Barangays: 3,003
Population (2015)
Total Population: 7,396,090
Growth Rate (2000-2015): 1.84 percent
Climate: Type II
Dialect: Cebuano, Boholano, Porohanon
Poverty incidence among families (%) 2015: 23.6 percent
Subsistence incidence among families (%) 2015: 9.8 percent
Geographical Background

Central Visayas lies at the center of the Philippines archipelago between islands of Luzon and Mindanao. Four island provinces compose the region, namely; Bohol, Cebu, Negros Oriental and Siquijor. The terrain is characterized by highlands with narrow coastal strips of arable land. Bohol, however, has a level plateau upon which its agricultural areas are concentrated. The region's premier urban and major business, industrial and services center is Metro Cebu, located in Cebu province. Other major urban cities are Tagbilaran City in Bohol and Dumaguete City in Negros Oriental.

GRDP and GVA in Agriculture, Central Visayas, 2016
Item At Current Prices At Constant 2000 Prices
(in million pesos)
GRDP 966,897 525,164
GVA 59,750 28,302
GRDP = Gross Regional Domestic Product
GVA = Gross Value Added in Agriculture, Hunting, Forestry and Fishing

The economy of Central Visayas grew by 8.8 percent in 2016. The region contributed 6.5 percent to the country's Gross Domestic Product. Agriculture, Hunting, Forestry and Fishing sector shared 5.4 percent in the region's total output. The sector posted a decrease of 0.6 percent in 2016.

Production and Area, Central Visayas, 2016
Crop Production (metric ton) Area (hectare)
Palay 231,982 80,153
Corn 156,729 174,267

Palay production in 2016 at 231,982 metric tons dropped by 31.00 percent from the 2015 record. Area harvested at 80,153 hectares contracted by 21.75 percent. Corn production went up by 4.45 percent to 156,729 metric tons in 2016. Its area at 174,267 hectares declined by 6.96 percent.

Gross Output in Agriculture: Growth Rate by Subsector, Central Visayas, 2016
Sector Growth Rate 2015-2016 (percent)
Agriculture (1.00)
Crops (12.72)
Livestock 6.53
Poultry 4.87
Fisheries 4.59

In 2016, agricultural production in Central Visayas went down by 1.00 percent. The crops subsector which accounted for 31.69 percent of region's agricultural output declined by 12.72 percent. Outputs in the livestock and poultry subsectors grew by 6.53 and 4.87 percent, respectively. Likewise, the fisheries subsector posted a production increase of 4.59 percent.

Top Agricultural Commodities, Central Visayas, 2016
Commodity Name Production Growth Rate Share to Total Agricultural Output of the Region Rank of the Region in the National Production
---------- (in percent) ----------
Hog 7.08 27.38 5th
Chicken 2.18 15.60 4th
Palay (31.00) 7.27 16th
Chicken eggs 11.18 5.85 3rd
Sugarcane (2.25) 5.72 3rd

Hog and chicken had the biggest output shares in Central Visayas at 27.38 percent and 15.60 percent, respectively. The region was ranked 5th in hog production and 4th in chicken production. Other major commodities were chicken eggs and sugarcane placing the region 3rd in the rank.

Employment and Wages
Total Employment (CY2016)
	= 3,234,000 persons

Agricultural Employment
	= 941,000 persons

   By Sex:
	  Male = 607,000 persons
	  Female = 334,000 persons
Daily Agricultural Wage Rate by Sex, Central Visayas, 2016
Sex Nominal Real
(in pesos)
Male 233.51 157.88
Female 218.15 147.50
Both 231.47 156.50
The region's number of employed person totalled 3,234,000. Of this, 29.1 percent were employed in the agriculture sector. Almost 65 percent of the agricultural employment were male workers.
Inflation Rate by Item, Central Visayas, 2016
Item Inflation Rate (2006 based)
(in percent)
All Items 2.8
Food and Non-alcoholic Beverage 3.6
Rice 3.7
Corn 1.9
Meat 3.1
Fish 3.5
Fruits 7.0
Vegetables 10.4
Costs and Returns of Production
Costs and Returns of Production, Central Visayas, 2016
Item Palay Corn (White)
(in pesos)
Cost of Production per Hectare 46,130 12,807
Cost of Production per Kilogram 15.94 14.39
Net Returns 7,822 (839)
Farmgate Price per Kilogram 18.64 13.45
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